The North Texas Mycological Association was formed in 2021 to bring together the North Texas community and convey awareness of the vital role that fungi have in our ecosystem.

We are dedicated to the scientific study of mushrooms, known as mycology, and wish to gain a better understanding of the local biodiversity found in the North Texas region.

Our organization encompasses everything from mushroom identification, forays, workshops, cultivation, research, and education of all things fungal.

Our members receive exclusive access to discounts from participating sponsors, two forays and events a month when weather is permitting, mushroom identification classes, workshops that include everything from cultivation to culinary recipes to art, and more!

We are dedicated to sustainable foraging and respect our green spaces, public and private.

*Foraging for wild mushrooms on public or private land is illegal in Texas unless you have obtained permission to do so. Foraging at State Parks is never allowed, Park Rangers have given citations to those who disobey the law and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

NTMA Events

Walk for Texas Star Foray and Meetup, A Success!

 Walk for the Texas Star Group PhotoRiver Legacy Walk in Arlington, On December 5 in search for Chorioactis geaster,... read more

Meet the Mushroom Hunters Behind North Texas’ new Mycology Club: KERA article/radio interview by Miguel Perez

KERA reporter, Miguel Perez interviewed North Texas Mycological Association's officers Sebastian Tabili, Eva Gordon, Leah Breitenstine, and Patrick Harris... read more

Launch Of Our New Club!!!

Welcome to the launch of the North Texas Mycological Association Club and Website. Come in and check out our... read more

New Years ’22 Foray at White Rock Lake (Flagpole Hill)

With over 50 attendees, our foray at White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX was a blast! We found quite... read more

December Foray

December 5 Walk for the Texas State Mushroom in  Arlington drew over fifty fungi enthusiasts.  read more

“Each individual is solely responsible for doing their own research and due diligence as well as comparing with multiple sources before consuming any fungi. Additionally, never consume any fungus identified by an app using AI technology alone. The technology is not accurate enough and can lead to adverse poisoning. The North Texas Mycological Association’s officers and its affiliates are not responsible for any injury, illness, or death associated with consumption of fungi for any reason or under any circumstance. Simultaneously, the North Texas Mycological Association is not responsible for any injury, illness, or death incurred during the course of any organization sponsored event”.

If you suspect a poisoning


Contact a physician


Call The

National Poison Hotline!

National Poison Hotline:

For emergency identification post to the Facebook group

"Poisons Help; Emergency Identification For Mushrooms & Plants"

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