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Our Mission: The North Texas Mycological Association is a non-profit
organization of amateur mycologists committed to the preservation and study of
fungi diversity of Northern Texas. NTMA advocates responsible mushroom
collecting that does not harm the fungi or their habitats.
The North Texas Mycological Association was founded in 2021 by the efforts of a
small group of volunteers from the North Texas region. The purpose of PSMS is to
foster the understanding and appreciation of Mycology as a hobby and a science,
and to assist related institutions in these purposes. The society represents a variety
of interests in fungi: the pothunter, the adventurous gourmet, the weekend
naturalists, the serious amateur and the professional mycologist.
NTMA is a volunteer organization with no paid positions. Members are expected
to contribute time and effort in helping the association prosper. Dues are set by the
board to cover the costs of running the society. Presently the dues are 25.00 per
year for individual, 35.00 for family memberships and 250.00 for lifetime
membership. Members will have opportunities to attend meetings, classes, field
trips, and forays. NTMA will emphasize the ethics of responsible foraging and
fungi sustainability

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